It’s time to say goodbye…

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Goodbyee

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Goodbye

Soms weet je gewoon dat iets gaat gebeuren, maar probeer je het te voorkomen of uit te stellen, omdat je niet weet of je er blij van zal worden. Dat is wat ik de afgelopen (9?) maanden had met mijn blog: het was een steeds minder ‘logisch’ onderdeel van mijn leven en het plezier nam af, iets wat ik zo’n twee maanden terug voor het eerst aan jullie kenbaar maakte (dat lees je hier). Inmiddels heb ik een blogbreak gehad

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Outfit | PC Hooftstraat

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Outfit PC Hooftstraat-12

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Outfit PC Hooftstraat-11

I have visited many blog events during the past years, but some events are just more special to me than other ones. I visited an event like that about two weeks ago: I was invited to visit the store of designer Mart Visser to watch an exclusive show presentation together with a small group of bloggers and

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Outfit | The Zara turtleneck

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Zara Turtleneck-10 kopie

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Zara Turtleneck-10

Well, hello, I’m still alive! You might have noticed that I haven’t been super active on the blog since my blog break and well, I’m afraid that it won’t change a lot soon. I just kind of lost the blogging mood and I seriously forget to blog all the time… I’ve got enough ideas for nice posts, but

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Outfit | The button skirt

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Button Skirt Sacha Ankle Boots-5

Copyright ILUMUOTI - Button Skirt Sacha Ankle Boots-6

Well, I guess we could say that today’s outfit post is kind of special. I mean, my hair is not all tied up -which is a pretty unique thing anyway- ánd I’m wearing colors, which doesn’t happen that often anymore. For some reason I banned most colored items from my wardrobe, only some (deep)red

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